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Content Development

We are E-Learning specialists that are committed to meeting your organisation's needs.

DEMM Ltd are a UK based company with a broad portfolio of work operating in different business sectors.


We specialise in E-Learning Content Development, LMS/VLE selection and implementation, training and project management.


Every client is different, therefore we are a flexible organisation that does not adopt a 'one size fits all' approach. Working collaboratively with you we gain a deep understanding of your brand and values to deliver online training solutions that motivate users and provide tangiable results


Content Development

Certified Developers

Using the latest Content Authoring Tools we can turn static content into interactive content that can be delivered via an LMS/VLE, over your intranet, from CD/Memory Stick or over the internet from your web site. 


We provide a full consultancy to FE Colleges, Schools, Universities, Secure Institutions and Businesses in the UK. Our experts can advise, train and help to embed/use e-learning in your organisation.


Project Management

We manage a diverse range of projects from the design/development of E-Learning Courses and materials to the rollout of complex VLE/LMS and CMS systems. We can work within your exisiting project methodology or help to develop one that suits your needs.


We can deliver bespoke training to clients in a broad area of subjects and specialisms. Our qualified staff have the flexibility to run events in-house, off-site, using a blended learning approach or distance learning.

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